Welcome to the "Ponts des Arts"

 An associative, art and craft cultural centre

Confronted with this fact we intend to set up specialized workshops in various arts and crafts enabling us to create paid jobs. We would like to develop four fields : creativity, humanitarian, art and culture.

We intend to offer our activities and workshops to both men and women in search of a meaning to their lives and a creative and useful work. We would like to work with young people from various origins and countries.

The objects of our creation will be sold on the premises and also presented in the traditional trading channels (shops, e-shops, etc.) The proceeds of these sales will first meet the needs of each one, the needs of our Centre and later, the needs of moneyless people and those in hard circumstances enabling them to regain humain dignity.

Participative sponsoring

In order for this project to unfold, we are calling for participation financing. Your contribution will help in fully sponsoring the state and the set up and fix up our premises (accommodation, workshops, garden, ornamental lake, forest, etc.)

Should you be willing to help us and bring us financial help, thank you for donating on the HelloAsso page via the association Au Creux de la Main.

Pitus Farre Cuso

+33 (0)6 62 07 91 72