Welcome to the "Ponts des Arts"

 An associative, art and craft cultural centre

Confronted with this fact we intend to set up specialized workshops in various arts and crafts enabling us to create paid jobs. We would like to develop four fields : creativity, humanitarian, art and culture.

We intend to offer our activities and workshops to both men and women in search of a meaning to their lives and a creative and useful work. We would like to work with young people from various origins and countries.

The objects of our creation will be sold on the premises and also presented in the traditional trading channels (shops, e-shops, etc.) The proceeds of these sales will first meet the needs of each one, the needs of our Centre and later, the needs of moneyless people and those in hard circumstances enabling them to regain humain dignity.

Welcome to "Era nova | arts and nature"

Hello everyone!

First I want to share with you a short quotation from someone dear to my heart: Mahatma Gandhi. He used to say: "life is a mystery we have to go through, but it isn't a problem to be solved". This truth touches me and has deeply inspired me all along my life. Then I would like to tell you my name is Pitus. I was born in the catalonian countryside near the Montserrat mountains, in the province of Barcelona. Since 1984 I have been living and working both in France and in Catalonia. I pay homage to all our elder brothers and sisters whether saints, wise people or philosophers from different times and cultures for their noble actions and wisdom they have transmitted to us. Anyhow, today our turn has come to follow in their footsteps and act accordingly. Confronted with today's situation we must find the right action giving the right answer to our needs and to young people's needs. Now I would like to give you a quotation from the founders of Permaculture: "The problem is the solution". This truth shows us the right attitude.

Let me tell you that now we own two different places: one in France and one in Catalonia. The first is in Dordogne and the second is situated in a natural park 150 km Southwest of Barcelona, 800 meters high in the mountains. It is composed of 140 ha of woodland and 6 ha of fields and down below a small river. It includes the ruins of a former hamlet to be rebuilt. This place will become a cultural and artistic center with art and handicraft workshops. There will be musical gatherings, seminars and spiritual retreats. Permaculture will permeate our whole project.

We also make it a priority to help and support the needy anywhere. We are suggesting to you the program which confronts us: learning to live and act as human beings. We wish to go through the mystery of life as it is, respecting the fundamental laws we have to face: serving, respecting our differences, truth, sharing happiness, sorrow and love. I do invite you to co-create these two places and to bring the best in ourselves during a short or long stay. These gatherings will give you the opportunity to help us in the different activities of these centers as well to bring harmony in our hearts and in the hearts of the others. Love in action comes from the heart and runs through the respectful and benevolent way of looking at one another and through the priceless silence alive in the peace of our hands. We should learn to remain simple, humble and true and to act in an easy and useful way to allow us to bring more peace and happiness in our own hearts. In our world where the decision-makers only offer an empty present devoid of hope, we ourselves want to go through our own life harboring noble dreams and materializing beautiful realizations for everyone.

Now I call all of us to pay homage to life every day giving the best we have to offer. To borrow only what we need from nature and no more in order to live, to grow, to transmit and share happiness on our path to the Self with our fellow beings.

Heartful thanks to all of you and hoping to see you soon!

Pitus Farre Cuso

+33 (0)6 62 07 91 72