Some information about the founder

Pitus Farre-Cuso was born in the farm of Montserrat Abbey, near Barcelona to a family of musicians, among eight children that is six sisters and two brothers.He spent the whole of his childhood and adolescence right in the middle of nature. His years at school were short and not very gratifying.

At the age of 12, Pitus started working in several craftsmen workshops and at the same time his life as an artist started with choir singing and acting in a theatre.He started studying plastic arts in the Art and Craft School in Barcelona, then on in the largest stone carving workshop in the same city.

He created a school of Plastic Arts to instruct people in various subjects. He also practised the art of restoring and fitting up old residences.

In 1984, he settled down in Paris, started working as a sculptor in the Louvres Museum.For years he has been sharing his time between personal creation in stone carving and restoring sculptures in numerous cultural, artistic and historical sites of the French patrimony (musée du Louvres place de la Concorde, etc.).

He also had long stays to study in Stockholm, Vienne, then in the United States, Australia and other countries. For over two years he sojourned in India both in Ranchi and in Calcutta where the idea of creating this artistic and educational Centre came to him. He also spent a year in the Himalayas, in silence, in the heart of a forest.

Artistic creations and spiritual quest keep dialoguing with each other in a complementary way, giving spine and meaning to his life.Writing as important as silence becomes the path leading him to the depth of the Self, then to the Heart and Beauty of meeting other beings.

Meditation feeds his work and work gives meaning to his life. Lately he has been conceptualizing and taking the preliminary steps in the present moment and the best of the past in order to co-create a new, fairer, more beautiful and interdependent present and future.