The Centre activities

  • Establishing workshops to create and materialize works of art and craft, for every one, with an emphasis on young people and particularly the needy.
  • Offering seminars and classes on monographically themes.
  • Organising the exchange and sharing of knowledge and know-how between artistes and craftsmen from here and from elsewhere.
  • Offering permanent exhibitions of works of art created in our workshop together with temporary exhibitions presented by guest-artists and craftsmen.
  • At the start there will be an unavoidable period during which this project will be set up. So we contemplate offering seminars and workshops in Summer only.
  • We also offer international workshops with young volunteers helping with the work in several fields. They will be organized in early Autumn 2018.

There will be 
8 working sites :

  1. Dismontable wooden structures
  2. Setting up a solar energy network
  3. Collecting rain water
  4. Building a water tower
  5. Creation of a pool with aquatic plants for the purification of waste water
  6. 6 Creating two pools for the park and the garden
  7. Restructuring the garden and the park (including lopping trees)
  8. Dry toilets

Participative sponsoring

In order to develop this project more fully, we are calling for participation financing.

Your contribution will help in fully sponsoring the state and the set up and fix up our premises (accommodation, workshops, garden, ornamental lake, forest, etc.)

Should you be willing to help us and bring us financial help, thank you for donating on the HelloAsso page via the association Au Creux de la Main.