The workshops

The Sculpture Workshop

From the start human beings have left traces of their lives trough a great variety of arts.

The essence of a human being is created in the image of god and Art is created in the image of man. The closer human being gets to the Creator, the more beautiful, pure and useful becomes his art.

A variety of marbles, stones, wood, hearth, plaster, bronze and iron offer themselves to become the memory and the library of the human adventure.

The Engraving Workshop

This subject is intimately correlated to sculpture and drawing. The materials used in the carving workshop are the same as those used in the engraving workshop.

Direct carving acids, dry point, sand-blasting, laser and mixed techniques contribute to a beautiful and humble result.

The Mosaïc Workshop

Generous and full of fun like a child's game, this activity helps us to structure ourselves and to be focused on our hand looking for the small piece, the right colour and the right place where it should go. Same thing in life, every thing must have its right place so that harmony is there for everyone to share.

Stones, ceramics, terra-cotta, wood, glass, marble, plaster and iron contribute to this dream. 

Stained-Glass Workshop

Stained Glasses let in light and « poetry » from the outside and they bearn back soul peace from inside outward. In between two world which they light and unite, stained glasses are examples for us to follow. 

Colours, light, hardly anything, the dream and poetry of glasses brought out through various techniques, enhance and create a dialogue between dream and reality, inside and outside.

Painting Workshop

Mankind has told, and still does so, its own history and that of its imaginary through painting and colours. Like all arts painting rouses and reveals the state of consciousness of a human being. It follows him/her throughout life and in his/her thinking. Colour on its own, not taking in account painting, vigorously speaks to us, so does sound on its own.

Painting and colour will walk along with us and we will learn to paint life both outwardly and inwardly.

Drawing Workshop

Like colour and sound, drawing has always been with us. It was already here long before us. A humble, silent and powerful art, it prolongs our hands. The actual world, most of the time invisible to us, is made up of thousands of sacred geometrical patterns and drawing reveals them to us. Pencils, feathers, chalks, coal, dry point, sand. Anything that leaves a trace makes a drawing.

Fountain Workshop

Running water is alive flowing along with life. It feeds, purifies and silently keeps the memory of what has been lived. Where there is a fountain, there is life. Fire and water bring together and purify mankind's footsteps. 

Stones, marble, wood, bamboos, rocks, glasses, earthenware, brass and metals lend themselves to the flow of water in the fountains.

Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Creation Workshop

It is a very intimate, rich and fine workshop, a school of patience. Our hands play with cutting out, folding, gluing, superposing, creating transparencies and flimsy structures. This techniques enable us to create all sorts of objects such as decorations, lamps, mobiles and theatre settings.

Screen Workshop

Creating secluded spaces, delicate and poetical indoor and outdoor with metallic or wooden structures. 

They are either painted or engraved, carved or made of paper, material, glass, wood and ceramics. They create dialogue with silence and recollection.

Chimes and Bells Workshop

Sounds, music and silence to tell out the most important moments from dawn to nightfall. 

To help us be concentred in the heart and let the best come out : creation, gratitude, prayer, offering, offering oneself and loving. Harmonious sounds gather souls together and build peace. Metals, wood, stones, marble, terra-cotta, glass come to us in order to co-create and play together.

Lamp Workshop

They belong to the same family as stained-glasses enabling us to create poetical intimacy everywhere and also « to see better ». 

Electric lamps, candles, with woodfire. A thousand possible shapes and as many themes, symbols and fantasies. Lamps made out of iron, wood, material, terra-cotta, stone, conducive to dreams, sharing, offering the best of oneself and becoming one with the Light.

Garden Furniture and Gadgets Workshop

For young and old, for intimate gardens or awnings for everyone. To enhance plants and birdsongs and all that is alive in a garden. To sit and rest, to shelter and to induce dreaming. To create spaces within spaces, to sleep and farniente, to be. 

Always made of stone, wood, iron and terra-cotta, these objects can enhance screens, mosaics, flooring patterns and evocative paths.

Photo and Video Workshop

« Playing twice » the game of life. Stage setting tales and poems. Going right into the heart of nature and watching the intimate beauty of life, silently or in plain-song trying to communicate the best and all that makes us grow, intimately or collectively. Then leave a slight trace of today so as to helps us go farther to-morrow...