Dialogue between art and nature

When human beings work with their hands connected to their hearts and their whole being, harmony and beauty are present in them and around them. A sensitive being finds his/her inspiration in the invisible world but also in Nature. That is why within the framework of « The Art Bridges » project we wish to be instrumental to a new togetherness between Man, Art and Nature so that harmony be present at all levels, in us and around us.

In our mechanized and stressful society in witch machines have replaced man, harmony often disappears. In our workshops of course we use machines and all the new technologies, but it's mainly our hands connected to our whole Being that shape and give life and meaning to our creations.

It is through work that a being realizes himself/herself and communicates with what is best in him/her.


Nature is the beaming expression of the visible and invisible Life of our planet.
She is like a mother feeding her children with the fruits of her gardens, with the pure water of her springs, with the song of birds and with the silent voice of the deserts, the forests and the starry nights.
With her infinite beauty, from the snow-capped mountain peaks down to the depth of the oceans, she harmonizes beings and gathers the hearts of all her children. 

A gift for Creation, she is our home on the Earth, our common garden and in her perfect school we learn to live and to share.

Art and Nature are brother and sister, brought together by Life's creative force.

Beauty and harmony in Creation are continually manifest in Nature and also in Art through gestures creating love and harmony. 

A being, as an artist, rises our own beauty and makes us aware of the beauty of our surroundings. The artist creates, the craftsman materializes, but deep down we are both.Art, through its subtle and deep nature, soothes and harmonizes our whole Being. 

Its creative energy vitalizes us and helps unfold our wisdom and our conscience.