Daily pocket philosophy for our workshops

We do not intend to create a school, but rather to fit up workshops in which you learn by practising. 

Professionals trained in the various subjects will oversee the activities. 

The core of the suggested activities should follow these 11 approaches :

1. Learn to be grateful to the materials we are going to use. They lend themselves to us to become works of art and craft through a dialogue, full of respect and awareness, between our hands and our hearts.

2. Have Nature as a model
in order to learn the laws of Harmony and Beauty.

3. As far as possible contribute to silence in our workshops in order to increase our concentration, to respect your companions' concentration and to remain open to the subtle language of life in each one of us.

4. To strike a balance between individual and collective work ; for it is in our very core that we find our own riches and the way to grow and progress in our evolution.

5. To live in a spirit of service, to respect differences and to share, to look for what brings us together, gratefully and with love.

6. The major outcome of our work is to gradually discover our own unfoldment and inward peace. It is also the sale of our created works which will enable us to live on our activities, to keep our Centre going and then to enable us to helps those that need it most.

7. Our created objects will be made with natural materials and as much as possible with recuperated materials (wood off-cuts, stones, iron scrags, ceramics and so on) left over by society which more than often encourages squandering and overlooks the origin of the materials we use.

8. We wish to make headway by encouraging what is simple, useful, beautiful, realizable and easy to produce.

9. We are grateful to Nature for her welcome and her food. We have chosen using « permaculture » as an expression of our respect towards her and towards ourselves, too.

10. Gandhi used to say : «First make the change in yourself of that which you want to change in the world.». We are not claiming to change the world through our action, but we wish to contribute to it in a small way, improving ourselves step by step, letting also others do so.

11. « Honoring Life » it is loving her through the right action and through respect. It is in the act of sharing that everything assumes a shape in the heart of Love.

What sets our hearts singing

  • Encouraging the creation of paid jobs in tune with our workshops activities and with the small property of our Centre.
  • Creating an independent place in which all the resources and technologies respectful of the environment and human beings will be used (solar energy, collecting rain water, etc.). This choice makes us aware of the gifts life offers us every day.
  • Developing as much as possible a different approach and attitude to money, bringing to the fore service, exange and the sharing of skills.
  • Fostering the meeting of all sorts of arts and practising them (poetry, acting, dance, painting, etc.).
  • Living in nature and learning to love and respect her. With this mind we have chosen the method and principles of permaculture.
  • Practising silence in and around us, particularly in our workshops and in nature.
  • Keeping joy, peace and a smile in our hearts as an ideal condition to live and to share daily.

  • Gratitude

    The best of any life is yet to be lived, for it is always ahead of us. Life is nothing but a training, at times very hard, at time very sweet but it is always a game and a dream.

    When we know why we are here, there wells up in us a deep sense of gratitude towards life and the need to devote oneself, body and soul to the night action, so that this game and this dream should become a celebration. It is a new opportunity to walk together towards the ultimate goal of our realisation.

    Here we express our deep gratitude to all those who wish to take part with us in the realization of this project. Through the bridges and on the paths of love in action, we will contribute, in a small way, to a new present and a better future.