The symbolism in the name of the project

Why did we choose to call our project Les Ponts des Arts (The Art Bridges) ? Bridges are motionless travellers with help human beings, goods and ideas to circulate. When an obstacle impedes us or impedes our plans to unite or bring together, man builds bridges to unite various paths and cultures.

Also, the various arts are bridges between the inward being and the external being and between our home on this planet and beyond. Bridges whether visible or invisible are parts of the paths of our lives on the way to the Self.

We are grateful to the school of life and to the vast array of subjects we come across everyday and throughout our lives, helping us to understand the meaning of our existence.

We think that the genuine human patrimony consists first in our ability to discover and then in living the deep essence of our being.

Practising arts as well as any other subject of the school of life helps the awakening of our consciousness as long as they are practised in a noble spirit, keeping deeply in mind truth, harmony and service.

Art or any other creation as expressed in matter will, some day, disappear, but the effort, the awareness and the love we will have used, given or lived, will have contributed to our awakening and will remain for evermore as the most beautiful patrimony of humanity.